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Early Struggles Of A Starting Lawyer

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Today was a great day for me. as I finally  reap one of the biggest fruits of my labor – our own house.

I have been a lawyer for 10 years now. I handled a lot of cases, specifically on the defense side. I am a defense lawyer and my work has brought a lot of stress in my life. There are times when I feel like I don’t want to work anymore, but I know that I should not give up because my family depends on me. My wife and I started from scratch. We did not have our own house. When we first started our family life, we are only living in a small apartment. When our first child was born, we decided to move to a bigger apartment. I am the only one working because I want my wife to take good care of our child.

Years have passed since I started handling cases, while our family continues to grow as my wife gave birth to our second child. It was then that we decided to get our own place, something that we can call our home. We started planning our finances. We agreed that it is not practical for us to stay in an apartment forever. We need to have a place where we can see ourselves growing old together. I know for a fact that applying for a home loan does require money for down payment.

What I did was I became tight when it comes to budgeting our daily expenses; at least for a year. It takes a lot of sacrifice but it’s worth it considering that we will soon have our own house.

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It only took three months to process everything and today I am proud to share with you the fruits of my labor. We just moved to our new home! Seeing the joy on the faces of my wife and my children gives me a feeling of joy that is beyond compare. I know that my life as a lawyer is a stressful one but without those things, I will not be able to purchase my dream house, and that is one of the many reasons why I will never give up on my profession. It may be a difficult life to live, but it becomes all worth it, knowing that you are helping those in need, while you are also helping your family and yourself achieve your goals in life through proper compensation and recognition.